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  • Mapping out my ideal notebook format

    Thinking through my 2024 bullet journal system Continue reading

  • Clubhouse, and the audio social platform

    Clubhouse is, I think it’s safe to say, going to be the next big source of social platform growth. Twitter Spaces will be a competitor there, possibly even the dominant one, but audio is clearly winning out here. Which makes sense in a year that a) had people be on video calls all day (I’m… Continue reading

  • Hemingway’s Advice for Coders

    I’m an avid reader of Brain Pickings (check it out if you haven’t heard of it), and one thing caught my attention a few weeks ago. In the mid-1930’s a young writer by the name of Arnold Samuelson caught up with his hero, Ernest Hemingway. Rather then cast him away, Hemingway took him on as a sort of… Continue reading

  • Bringing Back the Personal Site

    There have been quite a few articles recently about the importance of the personal site, and the blogging community. It’s a sentiment I’m super excited about. Rian Van Der Merwe has probably the simplest point. Blogs are the front page of the internet, and it’s their freedom that gives them their strength. All this to say that… Continue reading

  • The Responsibility a WordPress User

    Last week, WP Tavern posted an article about how Matt Mullwenweg was addressing concerns over WordPress development moving too quickly. Matt more or less shrugged the question off in his State of the Word, but it is still a rising sentiment. And it’s not just a concern in the WordPress community, but in the larger web… Continue reading