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There was this WordPress social media plugin from a couple of years ago that used Zapier templates to pull things in (or push them out, can’t remember). Anyone know what I’m talking about? #lazyweb

Step by step guide to using Mosaic for Windows circa 1994. Crazy amount of steps. Make sure you edit that Mosaic.ini file.

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Editing Crop in WordPress Images Before Upload

For a recent project, I had a need for a pretty simple workflow. I had a couple of image sizes, which I added with the add_image_size function which required a hard crop to a […]

Using Gravity Forms with Bootstrap Styles

I use Bootstrap as a starting point for a lot of the themes that I build as a great starting point for reusable components. But one of the problems I’ve run into is trying […]

That Time the Internet Broke

RE: The Plight of NPM, etc. I won’t pretend to be an expert on NPM, package managers or open source. But last week, something really interesting happened. And it brought into view two issues […]

Chose Your Metric

I went to Wordcamp Lancaster this year. It was a great time. I gave a talk on Javascript and after the conference, I was perseverating about one of my favorite things: what the f%c […]

Changing Field Keys in Advanced Custom Fields

I recently ran into a problem when using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin which is a bit esoteric. In the previous iteration of the site I was working on, fields were registered programmatically, using […]

Hemingway’s Advice for Coders

I’m an avid reader of Brain Pickings (check it out if you haven’t heard of it), and one thing caught my attention a few weeks ago. In the mid-1930’s a young writer by the name of […]