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  • Consuming films like Coca-Cola

    Reading The conclusion of two books: Sculpting in Time and Just Keep Investing. On Sculpting in Time I will say that it is an incredibly unique perspective and view of cinema—recognized by Tarkovsky as a wholly artistic pursuit and a unique medium focused on the compression and rhythm of time. And these are accurate, and […]

  • Weeknotes #2

    Reading Articles I struggle a bit with what to read and when. My reading list is getting bigger and there’s no way I’ll ever get to it all. So I found some comfort in Tracey Durnell’s Reading Philosophy in 17 Guidelines. Especially this bit: Read fiction in as few sittings as possible, but take my […]

  • Clubhouse, and the audio social platform

    Clubhouse is, I think it’s safe to say, going to be the next big source of social platform growth. Twitter Spaces will be a competitor there, possibly even the dominant one, but audio is clearly winning out here. Which makes sense in a year that a) had people be on video calls all day (I’m […]

  • Clubhouse Harassment, and Tech’s Move from Enthusiast to Industrial Press | Where’s Your Ed At

    A16Z has benefitted immensely from the positive press in its investments – in Lyft, Facebook, Zynga, Slack, Asana, and others – and watched as the press has changed from a relatively frictionless marketing channel for their investment rounds into something that requires a lot more effort, and isn’t simply an uncritical flume of people saying […]

  • But wait, there’s more! | XML Conference

    There’s a story that Yuri was once on a sales call with a colleague talking to some potential customers about the benefits of descriptive markup and the virtues of Author/Editor. He was eloquent, and SGML and Author/Editor were in fact a pretty good fit for this particular organization, so the potential customers were very soon […]

  • A Tale Of Two Ecosystems: On Bandcamp, Spotify And The Wide-Open Future | NPR

    As Ek makes clear, even the COVID pandemic can be put to use by Spotify’s strategy, as can the death of an existing medium for music, “linear radio” (more commonly known as “radio”). The business model of the Internet is interesting. There is no rule, for instance, that tech companies “move fast and break things.” […]

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    What will stick with me — besides a performance by Daniel Kaluuya I was fully not prepared for — was the speeches. The speeches, that by all accounts, were pulled from the actual words of Fred Hampton. Rhetoric that encapsulated a moment with timeless readiness. They were treated with such reverence by the director, that […]

  • A New Conservatism | Foreign Affairs

    In the wake of Trump’s defeat, analysts have pondered whether his brand of populism might represent the conservative future. But this misunderstands his role. There is no discernible Trumpism independent of Trump himself. Writing in Foreign Affairs, former Romney advisor Oren Cass offers an alternative view on the future of conservatism, one that I don’t […]

  • Quotes about the Web

    It occurs to me that I come across quotes about the web a lot, so I think I’m going to keep track of them and then publish them from time to time. There’s this tweet from Vincent Bevins: I tweet this every few weeks but the internet absolutely does not work any more. You are […]

  • The internet didn’t kill counterculture—you just won’t find it on Instagram | Document

    And maybe here, we do have an aesthetic counter to the wallflower non-style of Big Tech: a raging messy semiotic meltdown of radicalizing (if absurdist) meme culture where the only ideological no-go zone is the liberal center. Caroline Busta A really fascinating look at the counterculture of now and the future, whereby the youth (those […]

  • California Is Making Liberals Squirm | The New York Times

    Ezra Klein at his new editorial home in the New York Times on the contradiction of a conservative, progressive California: There is an old finding in political science that Americans are “symbolically conservative” but “operationally liberal.” Americans talk like conservatives but want to be governed like liberals. In California, the same split political personality exists, […]

  • On the Rocks

    In some ways, this film feels a bit like Coppola playing the hits. But it’s filled with careful staging, elegant cinematography, unique soundscapes, and these quiet moments that elevate the charisma of Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. That’s more than enough to stand on its own 2020 Dir. Sofia Coppola

  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    A captivating and beautiful love letter to the lost days of the city of San Francisco. The story frames the conflict as a relationship between a man, his childhood, and the home he had lost. But it is, in truth, a poetic film about the beauty of friendship. 2019 Dir. Joe Talbot

  • Show Don’t Sell

    Take credit for what CSS has done. Don’t say: “Web standards did this” Do say: “We’ve set up a system that will automatically format the page whenever you update it.” Let the client think you’re smart and give you more business… Show don’t sell – Jeffrey Zeldman I was doing a bit of research on […]

  • This used to be our playground

    Design got its seat at the table, developed a business mindset, became increasingly inclusive, and finally grew up. So much to celebrate and so much distance travelled, and yet design seems relatively passive and polite; acquiescent in a build-by-numbers assembly process. I find myself returning to the same bit of circular thinking that Simon Collison […]

  • WordPess.com Launches New Website Service

    Mullenweg responded to them, saying he is “100% certain this will drive more up-market consulting in the future” to consultants who handle larger projects and potentially bring more business to plugin and theme developers. He also noted that Bluehost’s full service product is a similar solution and that services like Web.com have been competing in […]

  • Interview with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

    And we did a lot of work — Stacey Abrams, Latosha Brown, so many activists across the country in Arizona, Georgia, who built infrastructure — to convince people that they should give us one more shot to trust that the government will step in and do something that matters. We’ve got to deliver. As I […]

  • Death of an Open Source Business Model

    Mapbox found themselves in a similar position to Mongo and Redis: they were subsidizing R&D for a handful of trillion-dollar tech giants. In the Death of an Open Source Business Model, Joe Morrison laments at the new licensing restrictions of Mapbox, a reversal from the company’s previous business model, which he labels as “open core” […]

  • The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done

    The knowledge sector’s insistence that productivity is a personal issue seems to have created a so-called “tragedy of the commons” scenario, in which individuals making reasonable decisions for themselves insure a negative group outcome. An office worker’s life is dramatically easier, in the moment, if she can send messages that demand immediate responses from her […]

  • The Education of David Stockman

    He didn’t much care for Pickle’s proposals, because the impact of the reforms stretched out over some years, whereas Stockman was looking for immediate relief. “I’m just not going to spend a lot of political capital solving some other guy’s problem in 2010″ Greider takes us through the story of David Stockman, and the at-the-time-still-recent […]

  • Big Lessons from History

    Part of what’s made Covid dangerous is that we got so good at preventing pandemics in the last century that few people before January assumed an infectious disease would ever impact their lives. It was hard to even comprehend. The irony of good times is that they breed complacency and skepticism of warnings. Morgan Housel […]

  • Taking Back Our Privacy

    There’s a lot I like about Anna Wiener’s look at Moxie Marlinspike and Signal, and she frames it in a modern context couched in the beliefs of Marlinspike, who has done some great things. There’s a lot of strong assertions about privacy which are needed. But I was struck by this passage, which is kind […]