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Mapping out my ideal notebook format

I’ve experimented with a lot of different notebooks and a lot of different formats. Over the years I’ve adapted an almost bullet journal approach that I quite like. With the new year coming up, I’m going to jot down how I want to approach this year coming up.

We’re going to go with a Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook. Why? The paper is nice but honestly it’s mostly because it has two page markers. Dot grids, though I’ve spent plenty of time with blank ones.

First things first is a calendar view. I’ve tried both the running calendar down the page and a full calendar layout. I’m going to draw out a full calendar layout. I almost got the Monthly planner for this reason, but it was a little big for my mind. So I’ll just draw it myself. I like just having all the days laid out because otherwise you end up having to write in dates outside of chronological order, and that can be frustrating.

Then some sort of Project List. I just kind of want a project list with maybe some way to mark things as completed. Not any description of the projects, but they’ll match my current and archived projects in Obsidian.

Then each month I do a month view. It has that months events, project focuses, and list of tasks. Task get copied from month to month.

Then a weekly view which outlines the days of the weeks. For each day, write down any meetings I have, then my primary project focuses for each day. Throughout the day I can use it to mark tasks and track those as well.

Once I get things going, maybe I’ll post some pictures here.