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This used to be our playground

Design got its seat at the table, developed a business mindset, became increasingly inclusive, and finally grew up. So much to celebrate and so much distance travelled, and yet design seems relatively passive and polite; acquiescent in a build-by-numbers assembly process.

I find myself returning to the same bit of circular thinking that Simon Collison describes in his post This used to be our playground. The web was more fun when it began. There was more experimentation, a friendlier atmosphere and creative approaches to design. Things are more, well, boring now. But, of course, the web is the plumbing for every major opeartional necessity on the planet. Its infastructure now, not a playground. But, Collison seems to argue, it can be both.

In any case, I think this is an excellent summation of the direction that a personal site can go, and the way in which we can reclaim a bit of our personal expression. It also happens to be a great jumping off point to lots of fantastic and inspirational links.