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California Is Making Liberals Squirm | The New York Times

Ezra Klein at his new editorial home in the New York Times on the contradiction of a conservative, progressive California:

There is an old finding in political science that Americans are “symbolically conservative” but “operationally liberal.” Americans talk like conservatives but want to be governed like liberals. In California, the same split political personality exists, but in reverse: We’re often symbolically liberal, but operationally conservative.

At a certain point, progressive Americans, myself included, are going to have to realize that an equitable future will require change in their own backyard. I hesitate to say it will require sacrifice, because this is not a zero-sum game and the stakes are not that high.

San Francisco is about 48 percent white, but that falls to 15 percent for children enrolled in its public schools. For all the city’s vaunted progressivism, it has some of the highest private school enrollment numbers in the country