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#33: Collections

I’ve got my mind on collections this week.

Collections in the second brain sense of the word. Big blogs of knowledge that I have that are scattered across thoughts, bits of paper, digital notes and various bookmarks. I’m a little bit obsessed with collections because I think, taken as a whole, they basically describe who I am and all of the things rattling around on my pages.

So right here on this site I want to try to create a series of collection pages which combine:

  • Notes and bookmarks I keep on this blog
  • Highlights collected in Raindrop
  • Pieces from other sites I write on
  • A general blob of content that can serve as an introduction / organizational piece

That seems doable. Going to experiment with it a bit in WordPress.

Godzilla Minus One (2023)

June 9, 2024

I’m not intimately familiar with this franchise, and not even a huge fan of monster flicks, so I wasn’t too sure what to think. But it’s a deeply rich film with proper stakes and an emotional core, so really, it works with or without the big guy. Of course, the incredible effects he brings to the table make for enough fun and awe to make this whole thing worthwhile.

In like 10 years when he can see his, my kids going to love it.

Stray Observations

  • Sets up that he knows how to shoot on the boat. It’s funny how these basic narrative things get totally lost these day
  • Don’t love all the fades and time jumps
  • A movie with stakes, what a concept

June 8, 2024

Thinking about the idea of push vs pull as it relates to setting a vision. Pushing is easy. It’s setting the standards and telling people about that. But there’s usually a mismatch there. You feel like you’re setting the right expectations, but it’s just getting lost.

That’s where pull comes into play. Pull is about creating a sense of value for expectations, making sure everyone knows why (we do start with why after all).

via Kellan Elliot-McCrea