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Weeknotes #2



I struggle a bit with what to read and when. My reading list is getting bigger and there’s no way I’ll ever get to it all. So I found some comfort in Tracey Durnell’s Reading Philosophy in 17 Guidelines. Especially this bit:

Read fiction in as few sittings as possible, but take my time reading nonfiction. Immersive storytelling benefits from few interruptions. Nonfiction benefits from reading only short amounts at once and reading multiple books at once. Always have at least two nonfiction books going.

Interesting little bit of web history, the Carl Steadman (of Suck.com fame) cookie.

And I could always count on a few tidbits from Lara Hogan. This post from a few months ago about Finding a buddy when you’re a team of one was incredibly good, even if you’re not a team of one. I especially like the idea of soliciting feedback from third parties whenever possible.


Bleak House chapters 31 through 34. The unthinkable occurs. Spontaneous combustion. A bit of the impossible tossed into one of the more grounded, naturalist, stories of the era.

I picked up a recommendation for Just Keep Buying some place or another so I’ve been leafing through it. So far the most useful part is the 2x rule: if you ever feel guilty about buying something, invest the same amount.


Everything is content now (Patrick Wilhelms). Very true. Incidentally, Richard Linklater made the same point recently:

Tech companies came in, and we went from film being art, with value, to it becoming content that you click on. But at the end of the day, nobody’s happy with that arrangement. Even the tech people are screaming that they’re losing billions of dollars. It’s like, this is their world that we adapted to and they’re not happy? They’re the monolithic overlords who put everyone else out of business!

Finished Solaris. Notes incoming once I’ve had a chance ot think about it.