Taking Back Our Privacy

There’s a lot I like about Anna Wiener’s look at Moxie Marlinspike and Signal, and she frames it in a modern context couched in the beliefs of Marlinspike, who has done some great things. There’s a lot of strong assertions about privacy which are needed. But I was struck by this passage, which is kind… Continue reading Taking Back Our Privacy

The Hidden Power

I recently had a chance to go back and read Jane Mayer’s incredible profile on David Addigton, Cheney’s right-hand man during the Bush years. She outlines the power-play that Cheney and Addington engaged in, pulling from a Reagan era playbook to expand the powers of the Presidency to extralegal judicial rulings and commissions, and even… Continue reading The Hidden Power

Force Maejure (2014)

A fantastic distillation of the male ego, picked apart and dissected in a way that’s visceral and real. They really make you feel it, the arguments and the embarrassment, and the intimacy of the use of visuals and sounds adds to that. Details

Reply to Tantek.com

In reply to http://tantek.com/2019/171/t1/happy-14th-microformats-org. Finally converted my site (https://jayhoffmann.com/) to microformats in celebration! Next step, POSSE šŸ™‚

That Time the Internet Broke

RE: The Plight of NPM, etc. I won’t pretend to be an expert on NPM, package managers or open source. But last week, something really interesting happened. And it brought into view two issues that have been swirling around in the ether: the dependency tangle that is the Node / Javascript community and the problems… Continue reading That Time the Internet Broke

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Chose Your Metric

I went to Wordcamp Lancaster this year. It was a great time. I gave a talk on Javascript and after the conference, I was perseverating about one of my favorite things: what the f%c Javascript framework should I use. Rami AbrahamĀ (who organized the crap of out of WC Lancaster by the way) was quick to… Continue reading Chose Your Metric

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Changing Field Keys in Advanced Custom Fields

I recently ran into a problem when using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin which is a bit esoteric. In the previous iteration of the site I was working on, fields were registered programmatically, using acf_add_local_field_group andĀ acf_add_local_field.Ā In the new version, we decided to move these back into the GUI on the admin panel. For most of… Continue reading Changing Field Keys in Advanced Custom Fields

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