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In Cold Blood

Cover of an early edition of "In Cold Blood"

In Cold Blood

Truman Capote

Captivating, moving and unnerving, and often abrupt. Capote illuminates the story of a brutal murder in a small town in Kansas by taking us through each and every angle. He casts no judgement on victim or perpetrator, yet still weaves an intricate and comphrensive look at the tradgic event and it’s seismic aftershocks.

The book doubles as a master class in suspenseful writing, and shifting point of view. Capote never stays with a single viewpoint long, but by blending them together just so, he is able to bring to life small-town paronoia, the complexity of the United States judicial system, the compassion of community, and the minds of violent sociopaths. It is an obvious template for modern day journalism, and yet still one without parallel.